“Wonders of the Martian Past” unlocked!

The stretchgoal for the short sourcebooklet pdf – “Wonders of the Martian Past” by John Snead (Exalted, Changeling: The Lost, and Mage: The Awakening, & Eldritch Skies) got unlocked this night 🙂

Descriptions of ancient Martian technology, including information on how and when it was created, as well as details of various ruins containing valuable and sometimes dangerous devices. This supplement will also contain a write-up of an ancient & long-buried city now ruled by a mad Belgian count who is using a wealth of scavenged technology for evil purposes.

Every backer at DIGITAL PLUS and RULEBOOK PLUS Level (and higher) gets the pdf for free as soon as it is available 🙂

Now we should all prepare for lift-off to Mercury 🙂

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