“Touchdown … Venus!”

As backer ‘MidnightBlue’ put it…

“Touchdown … Venus!”

Thanks to everyone we passed the £34,000 mark over night and that’s unlocked the Venus Sourcebook.

Every backer at DIGITAL RULEBOOK PLUS or RULEBOOK PLUS and above will now get the Venus Sourcebook PDF added completely free to their rewards as soon as it’s available.

We’ve also now added the Venus Sourcebook as a black & white softcover Add-On which you can get for £25 (+ shipping). This is cheaper than the eventual MSRP for the physical book and you can, as with all the physical rewards, either delay sending your books out until the last one on your list has been printed to reduce postage or break them down into separate or group shipments for extra postage charges. We’ll work with each of you and also give you the options again through backerkit after this campaign has wrapped.


+ Venus Sourcebook – The Venus Sourcebook will be roughly 190 pages and will not only feature expanded information about the history, geography, flora and fauna of Venus but also take a close look at the human settlements of the German, British, Italian and Russian colonists as well as the native population of lizardmen (and dinosaurs!). We’ll also be revealing ancient secrets that lie beneath the impenetrable jungles and dangerous swamps that surround them. This book will feature information about living, exploring and conquering the wilderness of Venus, as well as new rules, new archetypes, and hints for gamemasters to run extended campaigns on the greenhouse of our solar system. – add £25 (+ shipping) to your pledge.

Artwork for the Venus Sourcebook Cover
Artwork for the Venus Sourcebook Cover

Our next target is in £3,000 time with a new adventure by Shane Ivey and John Clements…

LOCKED £37,000 – Adventure (32 page) : “On the Trail of the Gods” by Shane Ivey (Arc Dream Entertainment; Delta Green; Wild Talents) and John Clements. Adventurers, explorers, and loyal subjects of the Empire must pursue a disreputable scientist and thwart a conspiracy of renegade Prussians. But is their quarry a victim needing rescue or a traitor to be brought to justice? The adventure takes them from the Great Exhibition in Scotland to the sands of Sudan, the jungles of Venus, and the deepest, deadliest mysteries of Mars. Every pledger for the Digital Rulebook Plus and the Rulebook Plus onwards will receive pdfs of this adventure for both ‘Space 1889 Ubiquity system’ and ‘Savage Worlds Red Mars’ for free as soon as it is available.

I’ll also be revealing another couple of stretch goals over the weekend plus another freebie that’s being added to all DIGITAL RULEBOOK PLUS and RULEBOOK PLUS and above pledge levels, which you’ll also be able to buy a physical copy of if you’d like.

Thanks for taking us to Venus and exploring the universe with us…

Angus, Patric and all the Space: 1889 Team!

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