Venus and Savage Worlds!

Thanks to you all we have just passed our second Stretch Goal – an all-new 32 page adventure called “Thunders of Venus” which is being penned by Steve Long.

This not only unlocks the adventure, which is going to be given free in PDF to every pledger for the Digital Rulebook Plus and the Rulebook Plus onwards, but also means our first new print Add-On is also unlocked… “Double Adventure Book 1” featuring both “The Order of the Invisible Eye” by John Wick and “Thunders of Venus” by Steve Long.

In addition to this we can also announce that the adventures that are being unlocked in this Kickstarter are *also* going to be available as Savage Worlds editions, supporting Pinnacle Entertainment’s “Space 1889: Red Sands” setting they released back in 2010.


PDFs of the Savaged versions of the adventures will be included in the PDF deal, whilst print Add-Ons will be available to purchase separately. So you’ll get two versions of the adventure in PDF for both the Ubiquity system and the Savage Worlds system at no extra cost!


Double Adventure Book 1 (Space: 1889 Uniquity) – Print version £10 (@ $15.00)

Double Adventure Book 1 (Red Sands Savage Worlds) – Print version £10 (@ $15.00)

Both of the above adventures will be @ £11.99 each (@ $17-18) to buy after the Kickstarter campaign.

Now Steve Long isn’t the only stretch goal dealing with Venus… yes, that’s right, we’re returning to Venus for the £34,000 Stretch Goal….


The Venus Sourcebook will be roughly 190 pages and will not only feature expanded information about the history, geography, flora and fauna of Venus but also take a close look at the human settlements of the German, British, Italian and Russian colonists as well as the native population of lizardmen (and dinosaurs!). We’ll also be revealing ancient secrets that lie beneath the impenetrable jungles and dangerous swamps that surround them. This book will feature information about living, exploring and conquering the wilderness of Venus, as well as new rules, new archetypes, and hints for gamemasters to run extended campaigns on the greenhouse of our solar system.

Every pledger for the Digital Rulebook Plus and the Rulebook Plus onwards will receive a pdf of this sourcebook for free as soon as it is available.


The Venus Sourcebook will be available as a purchasable black & white softcover add-on for backers who will be sent it ahead of the general retail release! This will be added to the ‘Add-Ons’ section when unlocked!

Here’s a look at the cover art for the Venus Sourcebook

Venus Sourcebook

We still have three more Stretch Goals between now and our return to Venus, which we can now start moving towards…

£23,000 – The Core Rulebook becomes colour

£26,000 – some new full colour artwork for the rulebook plus all backers of the physical rulebooks will be sent a free 24 Sheet Character Pad along with their rulebook!

£29,000 – The Gamemaster’s Screen & NPC Booklet (free in PDF to backers of the Digital Rulebook Plus and Rulebook Plus and higher levels – also available as a Print Add-On once unlocked).

Please help spread the word about the campaign, and also the new Savage Worlds Adventure options and the Venus Sourcebook, by participating in or starting threads on forums you frequent and mentioning our campaign on Twitter, Facebook, G+ or anywhere else you hang out where friends may be interested!

Many thanks for all of your support, I’m sure we can get to Venus and beyond, and we’ll have some more news for you all soon…

Angus & Patric

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