Space 1889: English books now available in shop

You will now find the majority of the English books for our popular Steampunk roleplaying game Space 1889 in our shop. If you ever wanted to complete your collection, this will be your chance.

Get one of the following books as long as stocks last, since there are only a few remaining copies left:
Space 1889 Limited Edition Core Rulebook
Gamemaster’s Screen

In case you prefer playing Space 1889 with Savage Worlds, you also better grab the opportunity quickly, because these adventures were produced only in a very small quantity:
The City at the Center of the Earth
The Ether Calculator
London Bridge has fallen down (Savage Worlds Edition)
The Fate of Angahiaa
Nocturne in the City of Lights

The following books are still available:
Marvels of Mars
The strange land
London Bridge has fallen down
Core Rulebook

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