So what’s included in the rulebook exactly?

The basic English rulebook will be a translation of the German one released last year by Uhrwerk Verlag. There may be a few changes, as we reach stretchgoals, but that’s something we will reveal later on.

The rulebook will have a page count of about 260 pages (the German one has 264, but English texts are normally a bit shorter, but we will balance this with some nice new artwork 🙂 ). It will be a hardcover with a b&w interior and full-color endpapers showing the maps of Mars and Venus.

The text will be roughly divided into the following:

  • 65 pages about the colonial powers on Earth as well as other cultures and societies of our home planet
  • 42 pages about Mars
  • 26 pages describing Venus
  • 5 pages about Mercury
  • 5 pages about the Ether
  • 85 pages for character creation, 8 archetypes, general rules and combat rules
  • 15 pages for equipment and inventions

The rest will be an extensive glossary, index, reading and viewing lists and the like.

What has changed about the background?

There is one point we’d like to address in particular, because we were already asked about it several times on the first day of our Kickstarter:

In the background section of Space: 1889, the description of Earth is not as centered on the British Empire as it was in the original version. Sure, the big colonial powers take up the largest part of the background information, but we have included information on the main countries of every continent to some extent.

Furthermore, we are aiming to make sure that most of the adventures we publish will generally be playable with any kind of character, as well as mixed groups with characters from different cultures and/or planets. When you look at the pledge rewards, you will see that there are even two Martian archetypes.

We also made sure that no single Earth nation is depicted as the “bad guy” in general. After all, that’s what High Martians are for 😉

There will, of course, be the occasional evil German scientist trying to take over the world, but we won’t have all Germans act as proto-Nazis, or all Chinese people dumbed down to the typical Asian stereotype and so on.

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