New Adventure PDF: London Bridge Has Fallen Down


If you are interested in more adventure material for Space:1889 you should head over to DriveThruRPG. The PDF of “London Bridge Has Fallen Down” has just been released there and can be bought there for 5 $. The 28-page adventure is set in Mylarkt on Mars and includes a description of the location, complete with maps and all information needed to experience exciting adventures in this ancient city.

The adventure was originally written by Kieran Turley for our Kickstarter project and will be released as a print version in the first half of next year. It uses the Ubiquity rules for Space:1889.

We’re back!

It’s been pretty quiet for a while now, since we’ve been busy fulfilling our Kickstarter project. As some of you might know, we ran into some trouble concerning the Kickstarter, but after a lot of hard work we were able to pull through for the most part.

If you’re interested in the story, you can read it in the Kickstarter updates we provided since almost exactly a year ago. We’ve been keeping our backers up to date over there, but our website sadly fell a little short while we were busy sorting things out. The project itself has simply been the easiest way to communicate with the backers – and they were our chief concern in this time.

But now we’re back! And after a long period of silence, we’ll try to keep you up to date on our website and our Facebook page.

We’ll start with some good news:

  • Pretty much all our Kickstarter backers have already been supplied with the first books, including the core rulebook in its various iterations.
  • What’s left of this print run is now being shipped to regular sale distribution and has partly already hit stores. This includes the regular core rulebook as well as the limited edition bound in faux leather and the GM screen.
  • We’ve got a new distribution partner: The awesome guys over at Modiphius Entertainment are taking care of it, so you should already be able to buy Space: 1889 stuff at regular stores.
  • All mentioned products (as well as some others) are also available as PDF via our DriveThru store.
  • Some more products should become available as a physical copy during the first quarter of 2016, if everything works out as planned. This includes the Venus sourcebook, two adventures and the dice set. Of course, we have to supply our Kickstarter backers first, but after that everything will be available for regular sale. PDFs of those products might already be available this month – we will post a new update here once there are any news.

As you can see, things are finally starting to come together.

Stay tuned for more updates during the next months.

Status Update: Current Project Status

There’s some new information concerning the kickstarter: Since the products for the first shipment wave (and most important: the core rulebook) are close to being finished, we wanted to give you an update on the current project status. Most things have stayed pretty much the same as in update #18 concerning the timetable (which is – of course – a good thing, because it means no more major delays). We know that you guys are waiting anxiously for the files and books – and we are as keen to deliver them as soon as possible, since the project already took way more time than we planned in the first place. But we are close to getting the first and most important things finished. 🙂

Core rulebook

The book is basically finished, we are just waiting for the backer list to be implemented in the back of the book. But your reviews and comments have all been taken into account and we have revised the book accordingly – thanks again to all of you, who took time to go through the preview version and sent us feedback. You guys helped to improve the book! 🙂

The PDF should ship out early in September, preferably with the backer list. But if the list is delayed for any reasons, we will send out the PDF without it (and send you a new version with the list later) – we just don’t want this to be delayed any more.

The print version of course has to wait for the backer list, but after we get it, the book will be printed immediately. This will take a couple of weeks, after which the book will be shipped (you will find more concerning the first wave and the timetable below). All versions of the book (regular, VIP, etc.) will be printed and sent out together.

Other Content of the First Wave

The Gamemaster’s Screen plus NPC Booklet is currently being finalized – which pretty much means, that your comments on the preview version are being implemented. Again, thanks for your help! The digital version should be send out together with the core rulebook (or a couple of days later). The printed version will be definitely go out with the first wave, since printing will start shortly.

The CD is also finished and will be pressed shortly, so it can go out with the first shipment wave. The digital version has to be converted into another file format, but this shouldn’t take much time, so that it should be available with the digital core rulebook as well.

The miniatures are (as we said before) finished, so they will go out with the first wave as well.

Poster set and character pad will also be part of the first wave, printing will start shortly for those too.

Timetable for the first wave

– Download of the digital content: early September

– Printing of the books: early September

– Delivery of the books to us (expected): early October

– Beginning of Shipment to European backers (directly from Germany): October

– Shipment to American warehouse: same time

– Beginning of Shipment to International backers (from US): as soon as the above mentioned shipment gets there

Outlook on later Shipment Waves

Of course the project isn’t finished as soon as the first wave gets out (also a big step has been taken then) – there is more to come. We wanted to give you a little information to those books and contents as well to keep you informed.

Venus sourcebook: The German version will be printed shortly, which of course means the text is well finished. Translation has started some time ago, the English version is currently at about 70%. The book will be sent out in the second wave, but we decided to make the PDF available as soon as it is finished (since there is no reason to delay this). This should be somewhere in the next 2-3 months – we will keep you informed on the exact time.

Mercury sourcebook: This is not finished in German yet, but is at about 90%. As soon as it is finished, translation will start (and here again: we will send out the PDF as soon as it is finished, regardless of shipping of printed versions). If it will go into second or third shipment wave depends on how fast work will go (as well for the German version as for the translation).

Dice set: Is currently planned for the second wave (and there shouldn’t be any reason why it shouldn’t work out that way).

Adventures: Only the text of one adventure is completely finished so far (though the layout is not done yet, since illustrations are not finished), others are close. None of those will be sent out in the first wave, but some or hopefully most should be in the second wave. We decided to release the PDFs of the adventures when they are finished – which also means that for the double adventure books we are not waiting until both adventures are finished. This has to be done for the printed version of course, but for the digital content we see no reason not to get it out as soon as possible.

Booklets: We got the final version of the Martian Technology booklet a couple of days ago. The Martian Creatures booklet is finished in a first version, it should go into revision next week. But since it is written in German, translation has to be done afterwards. Still there is no reason, why they shouldn’t be able to get into the second wave. And again the PDFs will be made available separately and as soon as they are finished.

Gamemaster’s Screen Booklet – beta PDF out now

Backers of the DIGITAL RULEBOOK PLUS or RULEBOOK PLUS and higher pledge levels should be receiving the beta PDF of the Booklet from the Gamemaster’s Screen today to have a look through.

As with the Rulebook before this we’re leaving a window open for you to send us any feedback on the booklet. So if you see any glaring errors please send the feedback back to me on by Sunday August 17th and I’ll pass it along to the development team in Cologne.

The booklet is only 32 pages so it shouldn’t take too much time to implement any of the changes and get everything turned around.

Status Update for the Kickstarter Campaign

There’s some new information concerning the status of the project and the various books and supplements.

Core Rulebook: We are currently reviewing the feedback we got from the kickstarter backers. First of all, let me say thank you – we are delighted by the quantity and quality of feedback. But since it was more than we expected, it will take more than just a week to review everything and implement the changes, where necessary. We can’t tell you right know how long it will take exactly, but it shouldn’t be more than a week or two until everything is sorted out and implemented. Of course everybody will get the final PDF as soon as the book is ready for printing.

Gamemaster Screen and NPC Booklet: Good news on this one, we just got everything from the layouter and are doing one last check. So the screen and the booklet will ship out with the core rulebook, as was planned earlier.

– The miniatures are already finished and are just waiting for the core rulebook to get finished.

Venus sourcebook: The German texts for the Venus sourcebook are finished, the book is already in the layout stage. This is also good news for everybody here, since the texts are already well into translation – it will not be ready for the first wave to be sent out, but it shouldn’t be finished too late afterwards.

Adventures: We have received the first drafts of some of the adventures so far and are busy working with the authors in finalizing them. Those authors who haven’t sent us their drafts yet are also working on it – we will give you some more news as soon as there is something else to tell.

So much for now – we are planning to give you more information in the next weeks.

Thank you all :)

Thank you to everyone who has backed us on this journey.

All of 1,025 backers, the bloggers, podcasters, new sites, etc that have covered and interviewed us about the project, everyone who has used social media, forums and word of mouth to let people know about the campaign and all of those involved in the creation of stretch goals (both revealed and currently unrevealed ;p) and the whole of the Clockwork Publishing/Uhrwerk Verlag and Chronicle City teams who have helped and supported both Patric and myself!

The final seconds clicked down and our final total was an amazing £72,379 (@ $112,715)!

It also meant we unlocked another adventure in PDF – “Lost City of Tharsus” by Brennan Taylor – which every backer of the Digital Rulebook Plus and the Rulebook Plus onwards will receive as part of their reward package in both Ubiquity and Savage Worlds formats.

It seems that once the campaign has finished we can’t edit the front page anymore – so whilst it remains “locked” there please rest assured it has been unlocked.

We’re going to take a couple of days downtime (well, it is a bank holiday weekend here in the UK – in another life I’d have been at Reading festival watching Nine Inch Nails this evening! ;p) and I’ll be sorting out the BackerKit to invite everyone too so we can start working out the add-ons people want and the addresses where to send physical and electronic copies to when they’re available – as well as a few other things.

If there were ‘Add-Ons’ from this campaign that you wanted but didn’t pledge for during the last 39 days BackerKit will also allow you to add those on to your pledge and we’ll be adding any funds raised through BackerKit on to our total amount in regards to Stretch Goals – so we may very well not only unlock Graeme Davis’ “Those Magnificent Men in their Ether Machines, or, Vallis Marineris or Bust!” adventure in PDF, and the Double Adventure Book 5 in print, but also several other items that we did not announce during the course of the campaign itself.

Thanks again to everyone, it has truly been an amazing journey and one that has been thrilling for both Patric and myself as we’ve co-ordinated this campaign.

We’ll still be here updating you, answering messengers and comments but you can also follow us on a number of other social media sites (see Update 29 for the details).

I’ll see you all on board the ship as we ready ourselves for take off and destination Mars!

Angus & Patric

Space: 1889 Dice, Creatures of Mars and two new adventures…

I’ve added a few more stretch goals to the campaign – I know we only have less than 24 hours to go but it gives us something to aim for – plus any extra money we receive after the campaign (through either Paypal payments for those who could not use a card or additional BackerKit payments if existing backers buy additional ‘Add-Ons’) will be added into the total and might unlock an extra goal or two – we’ll see…

Anyway, We now have Dice, the ‘Creatures of Mars’ sourcebooklet (which triggers a new print Add-On) and two new adventures by Brennan Taylor and Graeme Davis… all the relevant details are below!

LOCKED £65,000 – Space: 1889 Ubiquity Dice Set! This will unlock the option to ‘Add-On’ a set of Nine (9) Ubiquity Dice in a Metal Tin to your pledge. These dice will have gearwheels instead of numbers (the dice shown in the picture below are just for reference) and will be at a backer price of £9/set (+ shipping where applicable).


LOCKED £68,000 – Sourcebooklet 2 (32 pages) – “Creatures of Mars” – Descriptions, and illustrations, of creatures unique to Mars.

Every pledger for the Digital Rulebook Plus and the Rulebook Plus onwards will receive pdfs of this sourcebooklet for free as soon as it is available.

LOCKED £68,000 ADD-ON – Soucebooklet Compilation 1 PRINT EDITION! This 64-page black & white softcover book will contain both the “Wonders of the Martian Past” by John Snead and the “Creatures of Mars” sourcebooklets in print! It will be available as a purchasable add-on for backers and will be added to the ‘Add-Ons’ section when unlocked!

LOCKED £71,000 – Adventure (32 pages): “Lost City of Tharsus” by Brennan Taylor (Bulldogs!; Mortal Coils; FATE Core). The Martians have tales of an ancient civilisation, predating the Emperor Seldon, an empire that rivals those of Earth, that once stretched across the deserts and made them bloom. These tales seem to have some grain of truth, but a recent discovery of an ancient inscription hints that the legends may be more accurate than previously suspected. A local guide offers to take you to the ancient ruins of their capital city. But can the guide be trusted? Explorers tell of other expeditions led into the desert, never to return. Worse, it appears that other fortune hunters have caught wind of the city as well. The race is on, but are you racing toward your death?

Every pledger for the Digital Rulebook Plus and the Rulebook Plus onwards will receive pdfs of this adventure for both ‘Space 1889 Ubiquity system’ and ‘Savage Worlds Red Mars’ for free as soon as it is available

LOCKED £74,000 – Adventure (32 pages) – “Those Magnificent Men in their Ether Machines, or, Vallis Marineris or Bust!” by Graeme Davis (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay; GURPS; Colonial Gothic). The Times has announced a cash prize for the fastest passage from London to Mars. The players join a colourful international cast in a race fraught with intrigue, accidents, sabotage, and more.

Every pledger for the Digital Rulebook Plus and the Rulebook Plus onwards will receive pdfs of this adventure for both ‘Space 1889 Ubiquity system’ and ‘Savage Worlds Red Mars’ for free as soon as it is available

LOCKED ADD-ON £74,000 – Double Adventure Book 5 PRINT EDITION! This 64-page black & white softcover book will contain “Lost City of Tharsus” by Brennan Taylor and “Those Magnificent Men in their Ether Machines, or, Vallis Marineris or Bust!” by Graeme Davis and will be available as a purchasable add-on for backers in both ‘Space 1889 Ubiquity system’ and ‘Savage Worlds Red Mars’ editions! See the ‘Add-Ons’ section below when unlocked.

Thanks folks!


Double Adventure Book 3 Unlocked!

We’ve just unlocked Uli Lindner’s adventure “Murder on the Aether Express” which not only means the PDF versions will be added to those levels entitled to the free PDFs but the Double Adventure 3 Printed Adventure containing both Uli’s and Gareth Hanrahan’s adventures have also been unlocked and added to the purchasable ‘Add-On’ section!

£56,000 UNLOCKED!!! – Adventure (32 pages): “Murder on the Aether Express” by Uli Lindner (Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye), Dungeonslayers, Deadlands). An illustrous crowd has gathered for the maiden voyage of the Ether Express, a new luxury liner travelling from Earth to Mars and offering the passengers all the splendor and extravagance of the imperial age. But what is the reason for the strange happenings on board, culminating in the death of one of the VIP travellers? It’s up to the characters to find out and to calm down the tensions growing on the ship.

Every pledger for the Digital Rulebook Plus and the Rulebook Plus onwards will receive pdfs of this adventure for both ‘Space 1889 Ubiquity system’ and ‘Savage Worlds Red Mars’ for free as soon as it is available.

+ Double Adventure Book 3 (Space: 1889 Ubiquity) – Print version, 64 pages, featuring both “The Strange Land” by Gareth Hanrahan and “Murder on the Aether Express” by Uli Lindner.- add £10 (+ shipping) to your pledge.

+ Double Adventure Book 3 (Red Sands Savage Worlds) – Print version, 64 pages, featuring both “The Strange Land” by Gareth Hanrahan and “Murder on the Aether Express” by Uli Lindner.- add £10 (+ shipping) to your pledge.

Today has actually been our second busiest day of the entire Kickstarter campaign (the busiest being the day we launched) which is fantastic as we near the end of it.

Thanks to everyone who’ve supported us so far!


Mercury Rising … & Free PDF Rundown

We’ve passed the £50,000 mark and are heading to explore Mercury!

The Mercury Sourcebook will be included as a PDF to every backer of the ‘Digital Rulebook Plus’ and the ‘Rulebook Plus’ and higher reward levels for free.

Physical copies are also now available for an extra £20 (plus shipping).

To find out more about the Mercury Sourcebook please check out Update #20.

Our next target is at £53,000 and is “The Strange Land” adventure by Gareth Hanrahan (Mongoose Traveller, The One Ring, & Night’s Black Agents). Lord Feltam-Hithe, a noted explorer and adventurer, returned from the Red Planet with a Martian boy. The alien child was the talk of London, as Martians on Earth are still a rarity. Now, Lord Feltam-Hithe has come to you with a delicate problem – he has lost his Martian. The boy has escaped onto the streets of London, and you must find him before he causes any embarrassing trouble. Gareth’s Blog:

Every pledger for the Digital Rulebook Plus and the Rulebook Plus onwards will receive pdfs of this adventure for both ‘Space 1889 Ubiquity system’ and ‘Savage Worlds Red Mars’ for free as soon as it is available.

The £30 DIGITAL RULEBOOK PLUS Pledge Level currently gives you all of the following PDFs;

  • Space: 1889 Core Rulebook PDF
  • Adventure 1: “The Order of the Invisible Eye” by John Wick (Ubiquity Edition) PDF
  • Adventure 1: “The Order of the Invisible Eye” by John Wick (Savage Worlds Edition) PDF
  • Adventure 2: “Thunders of Venus” by Steve Long (Ubiquity Edition) PDF
  • Adventure 2: “Thunders of Venus” by Steve Long (Savage Worlds Edition) PDF
  • Character Sheet PDF
  • Gamemasters Screen PDF
  • NPC Booklet PDF
  • Venus Sourcebook PDF
  • Adventure 3: “On the Trail of the Gods” by Shane Ivey (Ubiquity Edition) PDF
  • Adventure 3: “On the Trail of the Gods” by Shane Ivey (Savage Worlds Edition) PDF
  • Adventure 4: “Lost Romance on Venus” by Steve Kenson (Ubiquity Edition) PDF
  • Adventure 4: “Lost Romance on Venus” by Steve Kenson (Savage Worlds Edition) PDF
  • Sourcebooklet 1: “Wonders of the Martian Past” by John Snead (Ubiquity Edition)
  • Mercury Sourcebook
  • 3 Poster Map Set PDF
  • Space: 1889 Soundtrack MP3

The £50 RULEBOOK PLUS Pledge Level (and above) gives you all of the above PDFs plus a physical copy of the Space: 1889 Rulebook (either standard, Faux Leather or Leatherbound depending on your pledge level) and 24-Sheet Character Pad!

We’re now into the final three days of the campaign and please post about the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Forums and Blogs and let the signal ring loud for the final stretch and let’s see what else we can unlock before Sundays deadline!

Thanks to everyone who is helping make this happen!

Angus & Patric!

“Wonders of the Martian Past” unlocked!

The stretchgoal for the short sourcebooklet pdf – “Wonders of the Martian Past” by John Snead (Exalted, Changeling: The Lost, and Mage: The Awakening, & Eldritch Skies) got unlocked this night 🙂

Descriptions of ancient Martian technology, including information on how and when it was created, as well as details of various ruins containing valuable and sometimes dangerous devices. This supplement will also contain a write-up of an ancient & long-buried city now ruled by a mad Belgian count who is using a wealth of scavenged technology for evil purposes.

Every backer at DIGITAL PLUS and RULEBOOK PLUS Level (and higher) gets the pdf for free as soon as it is available 🙂

Now we should all prepare for lift-off to Mercury 🙂