New Adventure & Miniature Previews

Hi everyone!

Many thanks for helping us pass our £26,000 stretch goal over night! We can now include some new full colour artwork in the main book and everyone who has pledged for a physical rulebook will also now be sent a pad of 24 Character Sheets completely free at the same time we send the rulebooks out! The retailers who have backed us will also be sent one pad per copy too.

Our next goal is at £29,000 which is for the Gamemaster Screen & NPC Booklet. You can read more about that in Update 5.

Front Panels of the Gamemaster's Screen

So, I guess it’s time to unveil our next two Stretch Goals…

First up, at £37,000, is a new adventure by Shane Ivey and John Clements…

LOCKED £37,000 – Adventure (32 page) : “On the Trail of the Gods” by Shane Ivey (Arc Dream Entertainment; Delta Green; Wild Talents) and John Clements. Adventurers, explorers, and loyal subjects of the Empire must pursue a disreputable scientist and thwart a conspiracy of renegade Prussians. But is their quarry a victim needing rescue or a traitor to be brought to justice? The adventure takes them from the Great Exhibition in Scotland to the sands of Sudan, the jungles of Venus, and the deepest, deadliest mysteries of Mars.

…and then at £40,000 we’re unveiling our first set of miniatures. We have two concepts pieces to show you straight away and will post others as the campaign progresses and we receive the designs from our partners at Elemental Miniatures who are making the designs. The miniatures will be available as a set of 5 (four standard and one mounted) as a purchased Add-On at £25 (+ postage) during the Kickstarter campaign.

The first five miniatures are The Explorer, The Missionary, The Martian Princess (who are all based on the Archetype images shown in the Art Deals on our front page) and also a Highland Martian and a Hill Martian on Gashant.

Here’s a look at the first two pre-production concept designs…

Space: 1889 Concept of the Explorer Miniature

Space: 1889 Concept of the Martian Princess Miniature

That’s it for now!

Thanks for all of your continued support and please keep helping spread the word about the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and the various RPG forums out there!

All the best,

Angus & Patric

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