Meet The German Team of Space: 1889

The English remake of Space: 1889 wouldn’t be possible without the ground laying work of our German Space-team.

As the German edition is not just a mere translation but a whole new version of the Space: 1889 RPG, a team of dedicated and experienced authors was needed to collect, expand, and supplement the existing texts from the old publications, and to reorganize and restructure them. Many new parts were also additionally written to further develop the Spaceverse and to offer brand new backgrounds which hadn’t been mentioned before.

This team mainly consists of experienced authors who have been writing for the (German) RPG market for a long time. Daniel Neugebauer, Christoph Maser and Ralf Sandfuchs are primarily working for the German edition of the Cthulhu RPG. Ingo Siekmann was the author of the first German Space: 1889 adventure published in a German RPG-magazine and is a true “veteran” of the Space: 1889 fan-base. Stephan Johach has worked as an author for the biggest German fantasy RPG (Das Schwarze Auge), and is particularly occupied with the technical aspects of the Spaceverse. Bjorn Beckert, another experienced RPG author, keeps an eye on the historical details, and thus completes our team.

Stefan Küppers, a long experienced editor, author and developer in the German RPG community, took over the responsible task of chief editor for the German Space: 1889 product line. A huge fan of Space: 1889 himself, he takes care of developing the new product line in such a way that every fellow Space fan will recognize it at once – and love it!

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