CONTACT: Kickstarter for the printed English version

For years, German role playing gamers have worked tirelessly to defend Earth from countless alien invasions – using CONTACT, the Tactical Alien Defence Roleplaying Game. But the threat from beyond our world has become too great, and the alien defence organization OMEGA needs new recruits from all around the globe. It is up to you to help defend Earth from the alien menace – so join up now! Help us fund a printed English version of our roleplaying game CONTACT by supporting our Kickstarter project that has been launched today!


In CONTACT, players take on the role of OMEGA members that counter the alien threat wherever it arises. The highly tactical game, using its own ruleset known as CONTACT Kore, focuses not only on fighting aliens face to face but also features game mechanics for vehicle combat, scientific research based on salvaged alien technology and base management as well as expansion. The core rulebook features everything that is needed for countless hours of fun on Earth of the near future – no additional material is needed!

CONTACT has been thriving in Germany since the original release of the core rulebook in 2012 and so far three supplements, four stand-alone adventures and a soundtrack CD have been released in physical format. The core rulebook has already been translated into English and has been available via DriveThruRPG in PDF format for about two months (but is available for a reduced price via the Kickstarter project).

If you want to have a sneak peek into CONTACT you might want to try our free quickstart rules that are available via DriveThruRPG as well or the preview pages that can be assessed via the PDF product page. For more information just visit our Kickstarter project and join up today!


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