Colour is GO!

Just a quickie to say thanks for unlocking our £23,000 stretch goal a few minutes ago!

UNLOCKED £23,000– The core rulebook (in all its formats) will now contain colour archetypes, maps, and have some new full colour artwork included in addition to having sepia-ish pages and the original art from the German edition!

Next goal is £26,000….

LOCKED £26,000 – More new full colour art for the core rulebook PLUS every backer of a physical rulebook (all variations) will be sent a pad of 24 Character Sheets FREE when we despatch the rulebooks to them. All Retailer pledges will receive one pad per book. Additional pads will be available as purchasable add-ons for backers who will be sent them ahead of the general retail release! This will be added to the ‘Add-Ons’ section below when unlocked! The PDF Character Sheet will be available as a free PDF to all – backers and non-backers alike.

Hope you;re all having a great weekend!


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