Clockwork Publishing/Uhrwerk Verlag is filing for insolvency

Message from our CEO Patric Götz:

Today, we have to share an update with you that is very hard and painful for us.

A couple of days ago, we – Clockwork Publishing/Uhrwerk Verlag – filed for  insolvency.

Although the events that lead to this weren’t foreseeable altogether and hit us by surprise, we do have several options on how to proceed now. Nevertheless, we have to cope with the likely fact that we might have to decide to close down our company in its current form until the end of the year.

Since the insolvency isn’t opened for about 2-4 month from now, we won’t be able to properly work on the Dark Conspiracy project as we have planned.

Besides the text for the main rulebook and the quickstarter, the texts aren’t finished yet. For legal reasons we do have to cancel all exterior assignments for texts until we are given the green light from our insolvency administrator. And of course we have to speak to our licensor and other partners on what they wish us to do. Until that is done we can’t make any binding statements. Our main priorities from our side are to still get the project done or to roll it back in a timely manner.

We will of course keep you informed every step of the way and hope for your patience. This is a very difficult time for our company, far extending the topic of this crowdfunding alone. We will give you more specific details as time goes on. Had we known beforehand what happened three weeks ago to the company, we wouldn’t have started the project in the first place.

Please accept our sincere apology for now, since this is all we can tell you in this update.

We will however be present on on our campaign page to answer questions to the best of our knowledge.

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