Clockwork Publishing/Uhrwerk Verlag is filing for insolvency

Message from our CEO Patric Götz:

Today, we have to share an update with you that is very hard and painful for us.

A couple of days ago, we – Clockwork Publishing/Uhrwerk Verlag – filed for  insolvency.

Although the events that lead to this weren’t foreseeable altogether and hit us by surprise, we do have several options on how to proceed now. Nevertheless, we have to cope with the likely fact that we might have to decide to close down our company in its current form until the end of the year.

Since the insolvency isn’t opened for about 2-4 month from now, we won’t be able to properly work on the Dark Conspiracy project as we have planned.

Besides the text for the main rulebook and the quickstarter, the texts aren’t finished yet. For legal reasons we do have to cancel all exterior assignments for texts until we are given the green light from our insolvency administrator. And of course we have to speak to our licensor and other partners on what they wish us to do. Until that is done we can’t make any binding statements. Our main priorities from our side are to still get the project done or to roll it back in a timely manner.

We will of course keep you informed every step of the way and hope for your patience. This is a very difficult time for our company, far extending the topic of this crowdfunding alone. We will give you more specific details as time goes on. Had we known beforehand what happened three weeks ago to the company, we wouldn’t have started the project in the first place.

Please accept our sincere apology for now, since this is all we can tell you in this update.

We will however be present on on our campaign page to answer questions to the best of our knowledge.

Dark Conspiracy is funded!

During the last week we hit our funding goal for our crowdfunding of our new edition of DARK CONSPIRACY. This means this classic cosmic horror game will be back! You can still participate in the project while we are on our hunt for stretchgoals. Just visit the project at Game On Tabletop! Make sure to check out the several updates which include more information about the game and the history of Dark Conspiracy. Thanks for your support!


Clockwork Publishing is proud to launch their crowdfunding for a new edition of Lester Smith’s DARK CONSPIRACY, a dystopian roleplaying game of supernatural horror. You can support the game on Game on Tabletop:

Link to the project page

First published in 1991 by Game Designers Workshop (GDW), DARK CONSPIRACY was a startlingly original action-horror game, depicting a bleak, retro-futuristic, totalitarian America where corporations rule everything and the countryside has been abandoned to violent gangs and alien horror. Clockwork Publishing is happy to bring another classic GDW game back with a new and expanded edition after enjoying great success with the new edition of SPACE: 1889 which was published in 2014.

In DARK CONSPIRACY, the players take on the roles of normal citizens in an era marked by a Greater Depression, drawn into investigating the sinister alien horror that has infiltrated human society. With a variety of high-tech weapons and paranormal abilities, these “Minion Hunters” wage a clandestine war against these dreadful forces of darkness and fight them on battlefields ranging from sprawling, dystopian metroplexes to the open countryside, haunted by weird creatures and corrupted by alien influence. The ultimate horror is that this malefic force is apparently aided by human collaborators, corporations and governments who have sold humanity out for their own survival and profit.

This new edition updates the game system, expands the setting, and heralds a robust line of accompanying sourcebooks and accessories. The team is led by veteran author and designer Jason Durall (RuneQuest, Conan, Basic Roleplaying, Serenity, Achtung! Cthulhu, The Laundry Files, World War Cthulhu, etc.), and consists of a wide and diverse team of talented newcomers and industry veterans, with additional team members to be announced.

The crowdfunding went live on Thursday 11th of April and runs until 7th of May. It includes the DARK CONSPIRACY core rulebook, a quickstart adventure, a referee screen/resource, an equipment sourcebook, a guide to paranormal phenomena, a bestiary describing the bizarre and horrific creatures of the Conspiracy, three separate card decks, and an adventure anthology.

Make sure to check out the DAY ONE specials on the project page: We have prepared a special discount for everybody who joins the project right from the beginning as a little thank you for the early support.

We hope to have gotten you interested in the world of DARK CONSPIRACY and look forward to you joining the ranks of the Minion Hunters!

Space:1889 adventure “Murder on the Ether Express” now available in print

The Space: 1889 adventure Murder on the Ether Express is now available in print.

The RMS Aetheria is a marvel of modern etheric engineering capable of incredible interplanetary speeds and, if the owners are to be believed, the fastest civilian ship in the solar system. Of course, this brash claim requires proof and the adventurers have been lucky enough to secure passage on the ship’s shakedown cruise, during which the vessel and her crew will be put through their paces.

They are not alone, however. The wealthy aristocrat Montague Harrington-Hyde has commandeered the ship for one of his famous business parties where, if rumor is to be believed, fortunes are made and lost. This isn’t the only thing they need to worry about, as the competition eyes the Aetheria with jealousy, and the Tossian government sent one of their ambassadors along for the ride.

Can they navigate the world of the aristocracy and rub shoulders with the elite without causing a stir or making the front page of The Times? With sabotage, political skullduggery, and maybe a murder or two in the cards, can they even survive this ship of secrets?

Murder on the Ether Express is an adventure for a veteran Gamemaster and players who are interested in an adventure based on investigation and social interaction.

This adventure is written for the Ubiquity Version of the Space:1889 RPG.

Murder on the Ether Express is now available for $10.99/£7.99 in print at the Modiphius Shop or any other retailer! A PDF copy can be acquired for $4.00 at our DriveThruRPG store.

Space 1889 adventure “The Fate of Angahiaa” now available in print

The Space: 1889 adventure The Fate of Angahiaa is now available in print.

Mars and its city states are the most important concerns of Earth’s colonial politics. Liftwood is a critical, highly sought after resource, and not all nations have equal access to it. But the Martians are playing their own games and seek to use their contacts with the humans for their own plans.

The Canal Prince of the small Martian city-state of Angahiaa seeks to expand its power through a trade treaty with the German Empire. But other groups within the city do not want any human influences, while others seek power over the city themselves and will use the foreigners for their own schemes.

The player characters forming the German delegation are drawn into the midst of the battles and intrigues for power in the city. They must maneuver between the decadent Canal Prince, his enemies in the nobility and guilds, as well as the priests, the slaves, and the Hill Martians of the surrounding valleys, to find friends and allies.

The player characters can greatly influence—the Fate of Angahiaa.

For a successful mission in the Martian City, social skills and a readiness to deal with the local situation are required. All in all, a wide variety of challenges await the player characters, ensuring that physical, inventive, or academic skills are all of great use.

The player characters should be willing to support Germany’s interests, or at least be neutral towards them. Even so, options are provided should that not be the case.

This adventure is written for the Ubiquity Version of the Space:1889 RPG.

The Fate of Angahiaa is now available for $15.99 / £11.99 in print at the Modiphius Shop or any other retailer! A PDF copy can be acquired for $8.50 at our DriveThruRPG store.

Space 1889: English books now available in shop

You will now find the majority of the English books for our popular Steampunk roleplaying game Space 1889 in our shop. If you ever wanted to complete your collection, this will be your chance.

Get one of the following books as long as stocks last, since there are only a few remaining copies left:
Space 1889 Limited Edition Core Rulebook
Gamemaster’s Screen

In case you prefer playing Space 1889 with Savage Worlds, you also better grab the opportunity quickly, because these adventures were produced only in a very small quantity:
The City at the Center of the Earth
The Ether Calculator
London Bridge has fallen down (Savage Worlds Edition)
The Fate of Angahiaa
Nocturne in the City of Lights

The following books are still available:
Marvels of Mars
The strange land
London Bridge has fallen down
Core Rulebook

Kickstarter Project for the English Mars Sourcebook!

After successfully funding the core rules for the Ubiquity version of Space: 1889 and several other supplements like the Venus and Mercury sourcebooks, it is time to turn our eyes towards the mysterious red planet Mars – the heart of the old Space: 1889 setting.

We proudly present our Kickstarter project for the English version of the Mars sourcebook!

The 200 pages hardcover book has been previously published in German and contains detailled information on Mars, its inhabitants and rich history, the colonial powers vying for influence – and of course on all the adventures that one can encounter here. Join us on our journey to bring this book to the English market!

Space 1889 Adventure “On the Trail of the Gods” now available in print

The adventure On the Trail of the Gods by authors J.C. Clements, Esq., Frank Frey, and Shane Ivey, Esq. is now available in print.

“Since the inventors Edison and Armstrong set out on their first journey to Mars in 1870, there has been speculation about visitors from other worlds to Earth as early as the prehistoric times of mankind. Archaeologist Alastair Whitman believes he has found proof. The characters are invited to join the Glasgow International Exhibition in 1888 where they can learn about the latest technological inventions and even meet celebrities like Nicola Tesla. When the exhibition receives threats, they realize that Whitman’s discovery might be an explosive issue: Not just scientists are interested in it, and the characters have to take care that this knowledge does not fall into the wrong hands.
This adventure is set on Earth, especially in Glasgow (Scotland), Egypt, and the Sudan. The characters will journey through the Sudan where they will have to beware many dangers, such as the followers of the Mahdi, who are fighting about his succession. A long journey up the Nile will take them into currently unstable territories where the characters will be on their own. Will they choose the right company? Will they achieve the rescue of Whitman and escape his persecutors? The characters will learn the answer On the Trail of the Gods.

The adventurers can be of any nationality, even if the starting point of this journey is set in Scotland. The events in this adventure challenge various archetypes, especially Academics, Discoverers, Reporters, Scientists, and Soldiers, but other adventurous characters will be just as useful.”

On the Trail of the Gods is now available in print for $10.99 / £7.99 in print at the Modiphius Shop or any other retailer! A PDF copy can be acquired for $5.00 at our DriveThruRPG store.

Space 1889: Adventure “Thunders of Venus” is now available in print

The Space: 1889 adventure Thunders of Venus is now available in print.

The exploration of Venus was ill-fated for the British right from the start. All three of their Venus expeditions between 1874 and 1876 disappeared without a trace. The surviving expedition members could not be rescued until years later when—to the embarrassment of the Empire—a German zeppelin recovered them. Ever since, the British have been searching for ways to stop the decaying process the precious liftwood of their ships is exposed to on the Morning Star. The British hope to regain air supremacy on Venus now lies in the young and ingenious scientist Roger Kincaide. Over the years he has developed the so-called ‘Kincaide Field’ and the day has come that he wants to fieldtest his invention with the airship Aphrodite. The player characters are invited to join the maiden flight. A day of celebration, that could change the course of future history— if it weren’t for the Thunders of Venus that turn the cruise into a fierce struggle for survival…

This adventure is set on Venus. A test flight of an experimental air ship ends in a catastrophe and the player characters, surviving crew and guests find themselves in the middle of the Venusian jungle. Will they be able to fight their way through to the next human outpost? Will they survive the threats of the jungle or will they end up as raptor food? What are they going to do when they are caught in the crossfire of a conflict between two rival Lizard-men tribes? And why can’t they shake the feeling that someone might have sabotaged the whole thing…?

The adventurers should be favorable towards the British Empire which in turn should trust them. The events in this adventure are especially suited for characters experienced in the wilderness. Be they Adventurers, Explorers, Hunters, Survivors of all kinds, Doctors or Soldiers, they will all be able to put their skills to use. However, social skills will be useful as well, so that Celebrities, Moneymen, or Academics, seemingly lost in the jungle at first, will have their chance to shine too.

This adventure was written for the Ubiquity ruleset for Space:1889.

Thunders of Venus is now available for $11.99 / £7.99 in print at the Modiphius Shop or any other retailer! A PDF copy can be acquired for $5.00 at our DriveThruRPG store.

The adventure is also available with Savage Worlds rules as PDF: Thunders of Venus (Savage Worlds edition) PDF version