Artwork Part One – Interior Artwork

While planning the German version of the new Space: 1889 rulebook we tried to emulate the artwork typical for the Victorian era. After endless quests for the right artist(s) for this job, we finally found them in the most unexpected places – Finland and Canada. 😉

Most of the black & white interior artwork in the rulebook was done by Finnish artist Juha Makkonen. I actually don’t know for sure how I found him back then, but working with him was very easy going and you can see by the artwork he has done for us that he really liked working on this kind of stuff. He even admitted that he spent way too much time on getting the illustrations exactly “right” than he should have done. You can find more of his artwork on his website here.

And here is some of his artwork:




As we planned more and more books, it became clear that we would need more artists to get everything done. Our second search lead us to rpg-industry veteran Eric Lofgren, who is also great in copying the Victorian copperplate engraving style we wanted for Space: 1889. You can find his b&w artwork as well as various covers and color illustrations here.

And also some samples of his work:




But we also needed full color artwork for the archetypes: These were done by German artist Mia Steingraeber, who has already worked for us on a lot of other projects. You can find more of her artwork here.

You should already have seen her artwork for the core rulebook, since the originals are available as pledge rewards for this very project. So here we’d like to show you something new – one of the archetypes for the forthcoming German sourcebook for Venus 🙂


The next part of the artwork updates will cover the amazing cover artwork and new maps for Mars and Venus we got done by some very talented chaps! So stay tuned and look out!

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