Artwork part 2 – Covers

Today we take a look at the covers already done for the new Space: 1889. Although none of them is a secret anymore and are available on the internet in one place or another, we think it’s worthwhile to show them all in one place:

The main rulebook


Done by renowned artist Slawomir Maniak from Poland. Actually, he now is so successful doing covers and magic cards, he is too expensive for us now ;). You can find more of his exceptional artwork here.

The first adventure compilation and the soundtrack


Done by German artist Viktor Fetsch, who also did quite a lot of other – mainly fantasy-themed – covers for us in the past. His style is very fitting for what we have in mind for the look and feel of the Space-books, which means we will probably bother him with more commissions in the future J. You can find more of his art here.

He also did the awesome cover for the Venus sourcebook, which I won’t post here again, since we have shown that about 600 times in the last updates 😉



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