Art and Creator Pledges

Hi everyone,

Thanks for supporting the campaign so far. It’s been an incredible first 30 hours!

Patric and I have revised the Art and Creator Pledge Levels slightly so backers at those levels will now be able to choose which rulebook to be sent out of the standard, faux leather or real leather. Previously each of those levels just came with the standard option but we wanted to say thanks to anyone who decides to back us at that level and give them the option at no extra cost.

The Art Pledges have been changed in the right hand bar and central campaign text, whilst the Creator pledge has just been updated in the central campaign text as we can’t change pledge level descriptions once someone has backed that level.

I just wanted to send out a quick update to let you all know of the change.

Thanks again for all the support and looking forward to the next 37 days and beyond!


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